3D Scanning & 3D Design

We can either design your product from a blank screen or we can laser scan your existing part and either modify or create a direct replacement mold to then build the carbon fiber parts

Infusion Technology

Resin infusion is the process of removing all air between the fibers of the part prior to addition of the resin. The benefit of this gives the perfect resin/fiber volume ratio. This maximizes strength to weight ratio. Success of this procedure is only obtain when strict quality control procedures are followed. See more above resin infusion in our technology section

CNC Machining

Our complex plugs and molds are initially created using both 3 and 5 axis CNC machines to ensure accuracy. We also utilize these machine for accuracy of post part assembly.

Technology Development

Technology development is a core value of Open Waters. We will continue to develop and perfect advanced composites processes to enable the manufacture of a great range of parts including bike frames, wind turbine blades and aerospace parts.